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Emma Seguy

Where she is now

Currently Emma is pursuing her bachelors in French at ASU with a certificate in secondary education. She is also beginning to consider her masters degree options so she can become a full-fledged teacher. Overall, Emma has a love for teaching and has a passion for spreading knowledge to all and will continue to share her positive attitude and skills for a long time to come.





The Story of Emma Seguy

A wise philosopher by the name of Aristotle once said “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach”. No quote could more effectively capture the ideals and passions that Emma Seguy represents in her everyday endeavors. From her early years in France Emma has always had a passion for teaching primarily because of an aunt who was unable to receive a proper education due to physical impairments. Always searching for opportunities to teach, she found a program in which she could teach the French language to immigrants to help them acclimate to the country. After completing this program, Emma knew that she wanted to be a teacher and wanted to impart knowledge everywhere she went. In order to become a teacher, Emma knew that she would have to receive a high-quality education, which is why she came to Arizona at sixteen years old to begin her studies in the American educational system.

When she came to live with her host family in Arizona she knew very little English but through hard work, perseverance, and the help of a few key television shows like Friends, she was able to thrive in her educational endeavors. After high school Emma started on her path to becoming a teacher, she began at Mesa Community College. It was there that Emma began to work in the International Education department helping international students receive funding to attend. This is where Emma found her love of working with international students and has continued to do so while attending Arizona State University. In addition to her passion for working with international students Emma also loves living in Arizona and feels very grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to her here.