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Sponsoring or Extending a J-1 Short Term Scholar

In determining the eligibility of a potential J-1 Short Term, the department must establish that:

  • the intended program is suitable to the scholar’s background, needs and experience
  • she or he possesses sufficient proficiency of the English language to participate meaningfully in the program
  • there is an adequate source of funding for the duration of the intended program

Application Overview

Apply to the ISSC to obtain a DS-2019. We will issue the DS-2019 within 7-10 working days of a complete application.

  • Submit the application 2-6 months before the start date. This allows time for the Short Term to apply for a visa at a U.S. Consulate.
  • Short Term Scholar stay is limited to six months.

Sponsoring a J-1 Short Term Scholar 

Submit your DS-2019 Application packet. Be sure to include these supporting documents:

Within 7-10 working days of receiving a completed application, you will receive an email confirming the studnet's DS-2019 package is ready for pick up. We will also include a copy of the student's DS-2019 for your records.

Extending a J-1 Short Term Scholar

The Short Term Scholar has the right to remain in the United States to complete his or her program objective provided that does not exceed the total length of time permitted by his or her program category and he/she adheres to all regulations of his/her J-1 status.

A research scholar or professor appointment is normally held for up to one year, and may be renewed for no more than one additional year.

To extend a J-1 Short Term Scholar stay:

Submit the DS-2019 extension application and supporting documents.

  • Copy of the passport page with biographical information for the scholar and for any accompanying J-2 family member
  • Funding documentation
  • Proof of medical insurance coverage
  • Invitation/offer letter
Within 7-10 working days of receiving a completed application, we will contact the student via e-mail when the student's DS-2019 package is ready for pick up. We will also send you a copy of the student's DS-2019 via campus mail.

Funding Documentation

Funding documentation showing ability to cover current estimates of monthly living expenses.

How to show documentation of funds:

  • an official dated bank statement must be provided
  • all accounts must be easily accessible and liquid assets
  • all documents must be in English (otherwise, an official English translation must accompany the original)
  • all supporting documentation must be dated within the last six months
  • letters of sponsorship must include exact amount of support and dates of sponsorship

Estimates of monthly living expenses:

  • $1,400/month for the J-1
  • $350/month for J-2 spouse
  • $350/month per J-2 child over 13/ $200/month per J-2 child under 13

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