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J-1 Academic Training

Academic Training (AT) is an off-campus training or an employment authorization  benefit for J-1 students to gain practical experience in their field of study. AT is available to J-1 students who are completing a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.

  • J-1 degree-seeking students who do not have a DS-2019 issued by ASU must contact their J-1 Exchange Visitor program sponsor for eligibility and procedures for Academic Training. 

  • Non-degree exchange students through ASU Study Abroad Office are not eligible for Academic Training.

Duration of Academic Training and Time Limitations

Academic TrainingAcademic Training Extension
Bachelor Degree18 months or a period equal to the length of degree program, whichever is shorterN/A
Master Degree 18 months or a period equal to the length of degree program, whichever is shorterN/A
Doctorate Degree18 months Up to the maximum of 18-months extension (36 months total) for post-doctoral position only

During Academic Training

  • Update your local address through MyASU within 10 days of move
  • Maintain valid health insurance, and submit the proof, including coverage start date and end date, explanation of benefits or lists of coverages, to the ISSC
  • Fulfill job description and responsibilities, and Academic Training goals and objectives
  • Report any changes in location of work/new work address within the same employer to the ISSC at least 10 days before the move
  • If you wish to change employers during your AT period, you need to obtain authorization from the ISSC at least 20 days prior to the change or end date of employment.
  • Complete Academic Training Evaluation form and submit the form to the ISSC at the end of your AT. If you wish to change job, you must submit the evaluation form of the previous job along with the new AT request documents to the ISSC.