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ASU official records

The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also called FERPA or the Buckley Amendment) affords students certain privacy rights regarding their education records. As an educational institution, all offices and employees at ASU must adhere to the privacy regulations established by FERPA.

In order to effectively serve our sponsored students and their sponsors, we ask that all sponsored students sign a Release of Information, which grants ASU permission to release information typically protected by FERPA to their sponsor. Without this document on file, we will be unable to assist with any request that involves the release of a student’s protected information.

More information regarding FERPA and its applicability at ASU can be found here.

Examples of protected academic records include the following:

Students may also provide their sponsor guest access to view their records on My ASU directly, including retrieving class schedules, enrollment verifications, and obtaining unofficial transcripts. Students should visit their Profile tab in My ASU, select Add a Guest and follow the instructions.