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For Sponsors

Coursework Outside of ASU

In the event that a student wishes to take a course at another institution to fulfill ASU degree requirements, the student will likely need an authorization letter from the ISSC to present to the other school. This letter is to verify that the student is in good immigration status, and that the student has been authorized by ASU to attend the other school part time. For our sponsored students, we require that they provide proof of their sponsor’s approval to take courses outside of ASU before ISSC issues the letter.

To provide your approval for your student to enroll in coursework outside of ASU, submit a copy of the Financial Guarantee form for the outside coursework, or written confirmation via email to The student must also submit their request to our office using our Authorization for Additional Coursework Outside ASU eform.

Please keep in mind that ASU does not have the ability to monitor or control the type of courses students enroll in once they receive authorization to enroll outside of ASU.