Greetings from the International Students and Scholars Center! Can you believe it’s already June? Summer is moving faster than we want, but we hope you’re having fun, and staying healthy and safe.

This is the next installment in our summer series covering a variety of topics as we count down to the start of the fall semester. We want you to know all about things to do in Arizona, services offered by the ISSC and what you can expect this fall.

This week, it’s all about us, the International Students and Scholars Center. We keep saying we’re here for you, and we know that you know about all the compliance-related services we offer, but there is so much more to how we support students.

Did you know that the ISSC offers:

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Global Friends

Looking to meet international and domestic students? The bi-weekly Global Friends gathering is the opportunity for students to develop friendships through conversations and experience sharing. It’s a great opportunity for students to get to learn about the world through someone else’s experiences.

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Global Professional Preparation Academy 

Looking to build your resume and professional portfolio? This academy will help you sharpen your interviewing skills, and improve your resume, cover letter, professional portfolio and more. The sessions are held over the course of the semester.

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Learn Arizona

Looking to learn more about Arizona living? This series helps students navigate the desert southwest. Topics cover everything from local resources to housing, transportation and places to visit.

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Global Leadership Academy

This program prepares students to be globally minded leaders and citizens for the 21st century. Through cross-cultural communication, collaboration, empathy and self-exploration, students learn to thrive in this diverse environment. This academy is for students looking to expand their already interconnected global community.