A safety bulletin has been released by the Arizona State University Police Department concerning scams that target international students. Over the past month, numerous ASU students have been contacted through their ASURITE emails about part-time job offers for a personal assistant or personal shopping, etc. The prospective employer won’t meet in person but will send a check in advance, along with a list of duties to be conducted by the employee (student).The student cashes the check and purchases all the items and conducts whatever business the person has asked them to do, holding a certain portion back for themselves. The problem is soon discovered when the check bounces, leaving the student on the hook for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.If it sounds too easy or too good to be true, it is!Do not fall for this scam! If you receive a similar emails or have any leads, contact the ASU Police Department, 480-965-3456.Also remember, scammers may impersonate government employees to get your personal information or money. If you receive a call from an unknown person that claims to be a government official:Do not give them any personal or financial information.End the conversation immediately.Contact the ISSC.Please notify the ISSC at 480-727-4776 or at ISSC@asu.edu.For more tips to avoid scams, please visit the following links:USCIS Tips to Avoid ScamsHomeland Security Tip Card