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Maintaining Status for Dependents

Dependents will remain in legal immigration status as long as:

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The primary F-1/J-1 student maintains their own status.

  • If F-1/J-1 student violates and loses visa status, dependents will also fall out of status.
  • If F-1/J-1 student changes to other visa status, dependents must change to other status.
  • If F-1/J-1 student extends I-20/DS-2019, dependents will also get the extension of their I-20s/DS-2019s.
  • If F-1/J-1 student leaves the U.S. for a semester or year break or after completion of degree program, dependents cannot remain in the U.S.

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They depart and re-enter the United States with proper documentation.


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They report address changes to ASU ISSC within 10 days.

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They participate in educational activities only as specified below:

  • F-2 spouse may only engage in a vocational, recreational, or part-time study at an SEVP-certified school.
  • If an F-2 dependent would like to study full-time at the university, F-2 has to be admitted to degree program and change of status to F-1.  The dependent may not begin classes until their visa status has formally changed to F-1.
  • F-2 minor children may attend public school, kindergarten through grade 12 only.
  • J-2 dependent can study.

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They comply with work permission rules.