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The Sponsored Student Advisory Committee is a team of student volunteers that advise and assist the ISSC in regards to sponsored students’ cultures, academic success, and professional development initiatives.

This committee assists the ISSC with:

  • Providing advice regarding sponsored students’ cultures, needs, and important issues.
  • Planning and implementing programs and events for sponsored students.
  • Assisting when there is a need for a student’s translator, mediator, and such.

SADIK Executive Members

Adviser: Rozita Smith

President: Omar Alrehaili

Vice President 1: Aisha Alsuwaidi

Vice President 2: Ali Alghazwi

Educational leader: Abdualhadi Alzahrani

Social events leader: Saud Almutairi

Evaluation leader: Abdullah Almugahwi

Volunteering leaderManar Alturaiki

Finance leader:  Mohammad Almutery

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Rozita.Smith@asu.edu

Sadik members

Some benefits of getting involved with campus events and programs:

  • Develop skills to further academic, professional, and personal development.

  • Build network and circle of support.

  • Enhance multicultural/global competency.


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