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Arizona State University requires that international students have adequate medical and accident insurance coverage. The following health insurance policies affect sponsored students:

  • Sponsored students with ASU-approved insurance provided by their sponsor who have a valid financial guarantee on file with Student Business Services will be automatically exempt from enrollment in the ASU-provided health insurance plan for the current semester. All other sponsored students will be automatically charged for ASU insurance.

  • To be eligible for the automatic exemption, students must ensure that Student Business Services has a copy of a valid financial guarantee on file. Students must send their new or updated financial guarantee to Student Business Services and the ISSC. 

  • ASU Health Services reserves the right to verify benefits and coverage periods with each sponsor.


Sponsors who provide ASU-approved insurance 

For a complete list of sponsors who provide their students with ASU-approved insurance, please go to ASU Health Services Resources for International Students.

If your agency is not listed at the link above and you would like ASU to evaluate the health insurance provided to your students, please contact the Health Insurance office at