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Degree Major Change

If you are planning to change your program/major, you need to consult with your sponsor for their approval, prior to making that decision. Changing your program/major without the approval of your sponsor can be considered a major violation of your scholarship policies.

When changing your major follow this process:

  1. Get sponsor approval. As a sponsored student, you have to be enrolled in the major your sponsor approved. If you are planning to change your major, you must consult with your sponsor first to obtain permission.

  2. Contact your ASU academic advisor. After being given permission by your sponsor, work with your academic advisor to change your major.

  3. Contact ASU ISSC. Inform the ISSC of your major change and submit an updated financial guarantee by email at In the email subject line, put Request for new I-20 (PIU) and your ASU ID number.

If approved, we will notify you by email to pick-up your new I-20.


General questions can be sent to If you would like to discuss your question in person, feel free to come to our daily walk-in hours on the Tempe campus.