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Online and Hybrid Course Enrollment

Generally, immigration regulations allow three online credits to count toward full-time requirements for F-1/J-1 students. For immigration purposes, hybrid classes are considered in-person classes. However, for some sponsors hybrid classes are considered online classes.

Many sponsors have strict policies and limits regarding the number of online or hybrid classes a student can take throughout their degree program at ASU. If you fail to adhere to sponsor policy, you may be responsible for the cost of those classes.  Additionally, you may encounter diploma authentication issues with the Ministry of Education of your home country after graduating.

Sponsors may request that ASU block their students from enrolling in online or hybrid classes. If a sponsor has requested this block, the student will receive an error message when they attempt to enroll in an online or hybrid course. Aramco sponsored students will not be blocked but are subject to the same diploma authentication rules as other Saudi Arabian students.

Taking Online or Hybrid Classes

It is important that you plan to take in-person courses only. If there is a valid reason to take an online or hybrid class, you must contact your sponsor advisor immediately to request permission. Valid reasons to take online or hybrid classes may include:

  • being within the limit of taking online or hybrid classes set by the sponsor or

  • the class may be required by your major and only offered online.

We encourage you to be proactive and work with your academic advisor your first semester at ASU to identify whether any of the courses required for your degree will only be offered in the online or hybrid format. To take online or hybrid classes:

1. Work with your Sponsor

  • Contact your Sponsor to obtain written approval to take online/hybrid course.
  • Sponsor approval must indicate the course name, number, term, and if the approval is for an online or hybrid course. For example: PHY131, Online, Fall 2019.
  • Sample documents your sponsor may request:

2. Submit Approval to ISSC

  • Send an email with your Sponsor’s permission to
    • Include your full name and ASU ID number
    • Forward the complete email transcript from  your sponsor (no screenshots)
    • Financial Guarantee with online class approval will be  accepted


Your override will be processed within 1-2  business days and you will be notified via your ASU email once you can enroll in the course.

3.   Enroll in the class. The block has been removed for the specific course for which you are approved. You may enroll in the course via My ASU.


  • Plan ahead and familiarize yourself with the enrollment deadlines listed in the ASU academic calendar. The approval process with your sponsor may be lengthy.

  • Familiarize yourself with the course’s prerequisites and reserve capacity. Some courses are reserved for specific student groups until the date specified in the MyASU schedule.  You may not be eligible to enroll if you don’t meet these other requirements.

  • Please note we are unable to assist with space capacity overrides if the class becomes full prior to the approval being obtained, with late enrollment requests if the approval is received after the session drop/add deadline, or with course reserves and prerequisite issues.  Please contact the professor or academic unit offering the course for assistance in those cases.

If you have questions, please email us at