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Travel Outside the U.S.

Returning to the Same Program Sponsor

In order to avoid problems re-entering the country, consult with your program sponsor before you leave the United States. You will need to have your DS-2019 signed and may also need a letter verifying your status as an exchange visitor. You may also need to obtain a new U.S. visa.

Returning to a Different Program Sponsor

You must consult in advance with your current program sponsor about your proposed travel and transfer to a new program sponsor. Your program sponsor will be able to alert you to possible problems you may encounter. If the change is permissible, you must obtain a new Form DS-2019 from the new program sponsor to which you will transfer before you attempt to re-enter the United States.

Documents needed when entering it the U.S.

  • Valid Passport

  • Valid Visa (Canadians are exempt from visa requirement)

  • DS-2019

  • Offer Letter (if employed by ASU)

  • Invitation Letter (if you are a visiting scholar)

  • Financial Documentation