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Be informed and understand the laws
Greetings from the International Students and Scholars Center. We hope you are doing well and staying healthy.

The F-1/J-1 visa is under jurisdiction of federal laws, international students and scholars must abide by federal law. Failure to follow federal law may jeopardize your immigration status here in the U.S.

There are two instances that we would like to remind you to follow federal laws.

An international student here on a student visa is prohibited under federal law from purchasing or possessing a firearm or ammunition unless they meet certain exceptions; for example, they are admitted to the U.S. for lawful hunting or sporting purposes. There are other exceptions. See 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(5)(B) and 922(y)(2).

Additionally, as per ASU policy cited in PDP 201-05, the use, possession, display, or storage of any weapon, dangerous instrument, explosive material or device, torch, device with open flames, fireworks, bomb-making materials or dangerous chemical on university property, at a university sponsored activity or in violation of law or university policy, is not permitted.

Please review the Student Code of Conduct for more information.


Read the code of conduct


Marijuana use
In 2020, the state of Arizona enacted new laws regarding the decriminalization and possession of marijuana. While this change in state law affected only Arizona, we want to remind all F-1/J-1 students that federal law still states that marijuana is illegal to possess and consume.

Additionally, when you enter the U.S, your social media accounts, texts and email are all subject to search. Evidence of marijuana use (such as photos or texts to friends about buying or using) can be reason enough for port of entry officers to refuse entry. We recommend using extreme caution when joking about drug use or illegal activity on your social media accounts, texts or phone.

As a reminder, marijuana use in any form is not permitted on ASU campuses, even with a medical marijuana card. Please review the Student Code of Conduct for more information.


Read the code of conduct


If you are in need of substance abuse support or any other type of support, ASU Counseling Services is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no cost. Recovering Rising is also available to students who are in recovery or supporting someone in recovery.

ASU Counseling Services
Recovery Rising


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