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We hope you are well!

We wanted to send a reminder regarding important upcoming dates and deadlines. All dates can be found on the ASU academic calendar for every semester. Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of these dates and to begin any processes early enough to meet these deadlines.

Spring 2024 Session B (3/11/2024 to 4/26/2024) Important Dates:
  • Enrollment open now!
  • Classes begin: March 11
  • Last day to register or add without college approval: March 12
  • Last Day to drop a Class: March 17
  • 100% tuition refund deadline: March 17
  • Course withdrawal deadline: March 29
  • Complete Session withdrawal deadline: April 26
Summer 2024 Session A & C Important Dates:
  • Enrollment open now!
  • Classes begin: May 16
  • Course withdrawal deadline: June 5
  • 100% tuition refund Deadline: May 20
Fall 2024 Enrollment Important Dates:
  • Schedule of classes available: February 26
  • Registration dates begin: February 29*
(*Please check your MyASU for your specific registration date)


Online / Hybrid Course Enrollment:
If you are planning to take online and/or hybrid courses during any of the terms above, please remember the following:
  • Request permission from your sponsor. If your sponsor requires you to obtain pre-approval for online and/or hybrid courses, request permission now! Follow the instructions on our website to request permission.
  • Plan ahead. The approval process with your sponsor may be lengthy! Please meet with your ASU academic advisor to determine if you will need to take an online and/or hybrid course in the upcoming terms so you can request permission early. Familiarize yourself with the enrollment deadlines listed in the ASU Academic Calendar.

Please note we are unable to assist with the following issues:

  • Space capacity overrides if the class becomes full prior to the approval being obtained
  • Late enrollment requests if the approval is received after the session drop/add deadline
  • Course reserves and prerequisite issues

Please contact your academic department directly if you have any of the issues above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email


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