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Sun Devil Global Connections at ASU connects international Sun Devils with ASU staff members and local community hosts for mentorship, friendship and support as you transition to life in the Phoenix area. These mentors will provide you with emotional, cultural and social support throughout your first year at ASU and beyond.Interested in participating in the Sun Devil Global Connections program?Please join our private group on ASU's online Mentor Network. By joining the Sun Devil Global Connections private group on this platform, you will be able to send messages to potential mentors.You will be able to do this by identifying shared interests or similar backgrounds through your online profiles, you will connect with possible mentors. After establishing a dialogue online, you are encouraged to then meet them on campus for coffee or a study break. Lastly, the International Students and Scholars Center will send students and mentors additional information about the fall 2018 BBQ event. This mixer will allow students to meet with their mentors in person if they haven’t done so already.Sign up >If you have any questions, please contact us at