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Greetings from the International Students and Scholars Center at Arizona State University. This email is the second of several you will receive from us regarding your annual tax filing requirement.

This week’s web update will provide a basic overview of how to use Sprintax and get filing assistance.
Next week's web update will provide information about upcoming Sprintax webinars.

As an international student or scholar in the U.S., you must complete and submit tax forms to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service if you studied in the U.S. for any part of 2023. The required forms change based on both your tax residency and if you earned any U.S. sourced income.

To assist you, ASU has partnered with Sprintax to offer tax filing assistance. You are not required to use Sprintax for your federal or state returns. However, please note that other tax preparation software programs do not allow individuals to file nonresident tax forms, so many international students are not able to use those software programs. Only visa holders who are identified to be residents for tax purposes should use tax preparation software programs like TurboTax.

Sprintax access

ASU has arranged access for you to use Sprintax Tax Preparation, which will guide you through the tax preparation process, help you prepare the necessary documents and check if you are due a refund. As part of this benefit, ASU will provide a code to pay the cost of your federal tax return. You also have an option to purchase the required state returns at a discounted rate. Take the following steps to use Sprintax:

  1. Clear your internet browser’s cache to remove any information associated with last year’s Sprintax code.
  2. Visit this website.
  3. Sign in with your ASU login information.
  4. Register with Sprintax and follow the instructions.
  5. Complete the online questionnaire.
  6. A discount code for your federal tax return will automatically be entered if you sign in with your ASU login information. If you choose to use the discounted rate for your state returns, Sprintax will require you to add another payment method to the order.
  7. Sprintax will prepare your tax return.
  8. If the discount code does not automatically apply to your federal tax return, then please make sure you have accessed Sprintax using the link from step one. If so, please contact Sprintax for assistance.


As an ASU student or scholar, you are an authorized user of Sprintax. The unique discounted Sprintax code that you are provided through your Sprintax account can be used only once.

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Please keep in mind that ASU staff members are not able to provide personal assistance with the completion of tax compliance while in their official role at ASU. This includes acting as tax consultants or providing tax advice related to the completion of the forms.