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April 17 is the deadline for filing your taxes. If you haven’t filed already, do you have everything you need?IRS form 8843 should be filed if you have not earned income in 2017.IRS form 8843, and either IRS form 1040NR-EZ (without dependents) or 1040NR (with dependents), should be filed if you have earned income in 2017.You must also file a state tax return for every state you earned income in during 2017. For Arizona, you will file the Arizona Department of Revenue form 140NR.Contact ASU Human Resources if you have not received your W-2, or contact if you have not received your form 1042-S. Please keep in mind that Arizona State University and International Students and Scholars Center staff members are unable to provide personal assistance with the completion of tax forms. ASU employees, while in their official roles at ASU, are not allowed to act as tax consultants or provide tax advice.