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Greetings from the International Students and Scholars Center. We hope you are doing well and staying healthy.

During the summer break, you will continue to need to access your ASU account to enroll in courses, submit eForm requests to the ISSC, and for many other reasons. If you currently have the DUO authentication process set to send you a text or a call to your U.S. phone number, we would encourage you to change this, as many students do not have access to their U.S. phone numbers while outside the U.S.

Here are your options to ensure you have access to your ASU account while abroad:

  1. Use the Duo mobile app on your phone or tablet (strongly recommended).
  2. Use a Duo key fob (purchase at the bookstore before leaving the U.S.).
  3. Use a hardware security key, like a YubiKey (needs to be purchased and set up before leaving the U.S.).
  4. Use a platform authenticator (for example, Windows Hello, Chrome OS's built-in security key, iCloud Keychain).

It is also recommended to enroll a second device to ensure you can always authenticate. However, we strongly recommend using the Duo mobile app instead of text messages or voice calls. Using the app is much faster, it works anywhere you have an internet connection, and it's much more secure than SMS messages or phone calls.

As a reminder, you must have whatever option you choose set up before you leave the U.S.

Duo mobile app - IOS download


Duo mobile app - Android download


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