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International students graduating at ASU

Extending your J-1 status

If you need to extend you stay in the U.S., your host department will submit an application for an extension of your status directly to ISSC. Check below for the maximum amount of time allowed for your visa category before working with your department and gathering the documentation required for an extension.

J-1 Scholar category Maximum duration
Short-term Scholar 6 months
Professor/Research Scholar 1 year upfront, then extended yearly for up to a total of 5 consecutive years
Specialist 12 months
Student Non-Degree 2 years
J-1 Student Intern 12 months


Funding documentation

If you are eligible for an extension, you may be required to submit funding to your department. Funding documentation should show your ability to cover current estimates of monthly living expenses (see below).

How to show documentation of funds:

  • for personal funds, an official dated bank statement must be provided
  • all accounts must be easily accessible and liquid assets
  • all documents must be in English (otherwise, an official English translation must accompany the original)
  • all supporting documentation must be dated within the last six months
  • letters of sponsorship must include exact amount of support and dates of sponsorship

Estimates of monthly living expenses:

  • $2,000 per month for the J-1 scholar
  • $1,000 per month for J-2 spouse
  • $500 per month per J-2 child