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Resources to help international faculty & scholars

Resources to help international faculty & scholars

We wish to provide you with information that will help you support our international scholars.

Thank you for supporting international scholars during their time at ASU. Cultural adjustment and cultural differences can greatly impact a scholar’s experience on our campuses. The International Students and Scholars Center provides a holistic support system for our international community to guide them through their personal and academic pursuits.

Emergency healthcare

The Emergency Room is meant for true emergencies and is equipped for nearly any type of medical emergency. Please do not visit the ER for non-life threatening situations, where you can be best treated at an urgent care facility.

Visit the ER for care when you experience any of the following: allergic reactions to food, animal or bug bites, broken bones, chest pain, constant vomiting, continuous bleeding, severe shortness of breath, deep wounds, weakness or pain in a leg or arm, head injuries, or unconsciousness.

Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital
1500 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281 | (480) 784-5500
0.7 miles from Tempe Campus

Banner Desert Medical Center
1400 S Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202 | (480) 412-3000
5.0 miles from Tempe Campus

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix
1111 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85006 | (602) 839-2000
1.6 miles from Downtown Phoenix Campus

St. Luke’s Medical Center
1800 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85006 | (602) 251-8100
2.1 miles from Downtown Phoenix Campus

Gilbert Hospital
5656 S Power Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85295 | (480) 984-2000
0.8 miles from Polytechnic Campus

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
5555 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ 85306 | (602) 588-5555
1.8 miles from West Campus

Urgent care

Please go to Next Care or Fast Med in order to find a location near you.

CVS Minute Clinics
CVS Minute Clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants who provide treatment for common family illnesses and injuries, administer vaccinations, conduct physicals and wellness screenings, and offer monitoring for chronic conditions. Please go to CVS in order to find a location near you.

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood health centers provide a wide range of safe, reliable health care, which helps prevent unintended pregnancies through contraception, reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections through testing and treatment, and screen for cervical and other cancers. Please go to Planned Parenthood to find a location near you.

ASU Health Service Centers
ASU Health Service Centers are staffed by physicians and nurse practitioners that are board-certified in emergency medicine, family medicine, gynecology, internal medicine, neurology, orthopedics, otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), rheumatology, and sports medicine. Please go to ASU's website in order to find a location near you.

Find a healthcare professional

To find a physician near you, please visit WebMD.

To find a dentist near you, please visit Mouth Healthy.

To find an optometrist near you, please visit AOA.

You can always use your health insurance company’s website to search for healthcare providers who are covered by your insurance as well.


DISCLAIMER: These medical institutions ARE NOT verified personally by ASU and/or its affiliates, and are merely stating locations when, and if, medical attention is needed by you or your dependents.


Driver’s license or state identification

Identification card: Arizona identification cards are available for adults and children. 

Driver’s license: Arizona law states that international driver’s licenses do not satisfy Arizona’s requirements. Arizona still requires those with an international driver’s license to get an Arizona driver’s license.

To get either form of identification:

  1. Begin your application online.
  2. Determine your identification requirements online.
  3. Visit your local MVD office to finish the process.


ASU’s office of Off Campus Housing can provide housing referrals.

English Practice

  • Coffee and Conversation : Stop by our International Coffee and Conversation where domestic and international students and scholars gather to chat and build cross-cultural connections over coffee. If you don’t drink coffee, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered – there will be plenty of other snacks and beverages to enjoy!

  • English as a second language: The Tempe Public Library regularly hosts free table talk groups for speakers of English as a Second Language. They meet once a week to learn and improve common vocabulary, phrasing, and to discuss American culture.

  • Online English practice: There are many valuable online resources that you may use to develop your English language skills. Here are a few examples of these resources:

Family resources

Public schools

This website will help you find public schools near you. 

To enroll your child in a public school, first find your school district and contact the school that your child will be attending. There may be different registration requirements for each school, but typically schools will require:

  1. Document proving child’s age (i.e. birth certificate or passport)
  2. Document proving residence address (i.e. utility bill).


Although there are various child care centers in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Bright Horizons at ASU is center located on the Tempe Campus that serves as a daycare, preschool, and kindergarten prep. 

To find a babysitter and/or nanny near you, you may find the following websites useful:

Social Security Number

In the U.S. an SSN is issued to track earnings over a worker’s lifetime. Scholars who are employed in the U.S. must apply for an SSN.  International scholars who are unemployed are ineligible for an SSN.

J-2 dependents

J-2 dependents will need to apply for an Employment Authorization Document, or EAD card, which will allow them to work in any job, full-time or part-time.