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Every semester, the International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC) organizes programs and events specifically designed for sponsored students to provide holistic support so that students may have a positive experience while attending Arizona State University. We encourage all students to take advantage of these opportunities. If you have any questions about our programs or have ideas on how we can improve your student experience, please contact us at

Success-building mini workshops 

All our events for spring 2021 will be presented to you through the MENA Student Connect - Mojtama Network, which can be accessed through an ASU Canvas platform. These presentations were recorded during the fall semester. To adapt with the current situation of COVID-19, we have decided to launch a virtual community to provide more opportunities for engagements, more access to all workshop sessions, and more personalized to each student.

We hope that all of you will take advantage of this opportunity. Weekly announcements and opportunities for engagement will be posted and shared with you throughout the semester. You can also access the community platform at any time and anywhere.

To participate in the MENA Student Connect - Mojtama Network, please click the self-enroll link below to accept the invitation:

Wellness and mental health

Date Event
January 19 - April 30. Live Well
COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of our lives, including mental, physical and social wellness, and academic performance. In this workshop, the presenter will share the importance of strategies to eat, sleep and exercise well to help you be successful at ASU.
January 25 - April 30 Stress Management
Although stress may be inevitable, there are ways to effectively manage it.
In this workshop, the presenter will discuss the definition of stress, types of stress, stress responses and their impacts and how we can manage it effectively.

Career and professional development

Date Event
February 1 - April 30 Crafting an A+ Application
Crafting an effective resume and cover letter can be challenging. This is especially true for college students who do not have much experience applying for jobs.
In this workshop hosted by Career and Professional Development Services, students will learn how to craft outstanding application documents, including resumes and cover letters. We will briefly discuss key differences between resumes and CVs, as well as cultural differences and what U.S. employers look for. Participants will learn to navigate CPDS resources.
February 8 - April 30 LinkedIn and Networking
Did you know more than 80% of jobs are obtained through personal and professional networks? Join Career and Professional Development Services to learn what networking is, why it is important and how to start connecting with other individuals. We will demonstrate how to create a LinkedIn profile that best showcases your skills and experiences and share tips and tricks.

Academic skills

Date Event
February 22 - April 30 Time Management
Time management is a key to your overall success. In this session, the presenter will share tips on how to manage your time effectively.
March 1 - April 30 Study Skills
Study skills are essential to enhance your success at ASU. In this session, the presenter will explain strategies to study effectively.

Leadership skills

Date Event
March 8 - April 30 Leadership Skills: You have them and you don’t even know it!
Leadership skills are learnable. Some of the qualities of an effective leader are already in you and you just don’t know it. This workshop will show you what those qualities are, which qualities you are born with and which qualities you can learn.
March 15 - April 30 Tips to Strengthen Your Leadership Skills
You already have some of the qualities it takes to be a good leader! In this workshop, the presenter will focus on tips on how to enhance your leadership skills.