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Sponsored students

Programs and events

Every semester, the International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC) organizes programs and events specifically designed for sponsored students to provide holistic support so that students may have a positive experience while attending Arizona State University. We encourage all students to take advantage of these opportunities. If you have any questions about our programs or have ideas on how we can improve your student experience, please contact us at You can find all of the ISSC's events list through this link:

Additionally, three are many student organizations that represent the Middle East cultures. They organize many events during the semester. Please find their information below. We encourage you to participate in one or more of their activities or take the opportunity to develop your circle of friends.

SADIK: The MENA Students Union

The MENA Students Union (aka SADIK) is a team of student volunteers that advises and assists the International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC) at Arizona State University (ASU) in regards to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region students' cultures, academic success, and professional development initiatives. Each semester, the club organizes many cultural events and social gatherings. The club is open to all ASU students to participate. If you are interested in volunteering in this club, please contact the SADIK current president listed on their website.

Omani Students Association

Welcome to Oman. This organization aims to create a home far away from home for Omanis and those who are interested in the Omani culture through different activities and events.

Saudi Students Club at ASU

Saudi Students Club (SSC) is considered the second home for Saudi students in the USA. It represents the history, culture, and traditions of Saudi Arabia to both American and international students at ASU. SSC participates in many international and national activities through ASU and the community, and provides resources, assistance, and networks for students to be successful at ASU and in the USA. This organization has neither religious nor political activities and it is open for any ASU student regardless of his/ her race, gender, religion, or age.

The Kuwaiti Club at ASU

The Kuwaiti Club ASU aims to gather all Kuwaiti Students around ASU. Kuwait Club is also seeking to educate all the students around ASU about Kuwait and introduce the Kuwaiti Culture and traditions.

Emirati Students Club

The Emirates Student Association is a social and international association that will serve as a hub for UAE students and enable interactions amongst the UAE community at ASU campus. The association is committed to help and support UAE students in academic and non-academic aspects as well as provide a welcoming home environment.