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Replacing a lost, damaged, or stolen I-20 or DS-2019

Changing Your Major or Level of Study

When your undergraduate major or graduate program changes, an updated I-20 must be requested from the International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC).

There are several types of major and program changes:


Change of Major

An updated I-20 is required when you change your major. To request an updated I-20 please send an email within 10 days of the change to with the subject line: Change of Program. You will receive an email with your updated I-20 attached within 10 business days after we receive your email.

Sponsored Students: You must be enrolled in the major your sponsor approved. If you are planning to change your major or degree program, you must consult with your sponsor and receive your sponsor’s approval prior to making any changes. Changing your major or degree program without the approval of your sponsor can be considered a serious violation of your scholarship policies.


Begin New Degree Program


Change of Education Level (CEL) with Degree Completion (including 4+1)

A new I-20 is required when you have completed one degree program and will begin another degree program either at the same or higher education level. For example: Completing a Bachelor's degree and starting a Master's program or completing a Master's degree and starting a new Master's program.

Request your Change of Education Level (CEL) I-20 by submitting the Change of Educational Level eForm via the ISSC eForm Portal. Once you have submitted all requested materials, you can expect to receive your updated I-20 within 10 business days.

You will need the following documentation for your Change of Education Level I-20 Request:

  1. Valid proof of funding
  2. Copy of current passport   
  3. Copy of most recent I-94

The Change of Education Level I-20 Request must be submitted to the ISSC before your 60 day grace period ends and before the start date of the new semester. If you have not requested and received your change of education level I-20 request by the end of your 60 day grace period, please contact the ISSC for immigration advice.


OPTIONAL PRACTICAL TRAINING: If you are active on Optional Practical Training (OPT) your work authorization will end on the day your Change of Education Level I-20 is issued. You may choose any date up to one week prior to the start of your new degree.  The Change of Education Level I-20 eForm must be submitted to the ISSC before the 60 day grace period following your OPT ends.

TRAVEL: Your Change of Education Level I-20 cannot be produced prior to the completion of your current degree.  Returning to the U.S. will require that you have your Change of Education Level I-20.  You are not guaranteed entry into the U.S. earlier than 30 days before the start of your new program.

ON-CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT BETWEEN ACADEMIC LEVELS: To continue on-campus employment at ASU during breaks following the completion of a degree and beginning another degree, you must have the intention to enroll for the next regular semester, and the ISSC must issue a Change of Education Level I-20 first. We recommend that you submit your Change of Education Level I-20 eForm before graduation so that we can issue your new I-20 as soon as your degree completion is posted to your ASU academic record.

Change of Education Level without Degree Completion

If you change from a Doctoral degree to a Master’s degree or from a Master’s degree to a Doctoral degree without completing the previous degree you will need an updated I-20.

  • To receive your updated I-20 you or your advisor must submit an Academic Advisor Letter to that includes your new anticipated completion date (MM/DD/YYYY).  The completion date used for graduate students in the defense date or date of dissertation approval after the defense, comprehensive exam date or result date, project defense, or whichever option the student has for the degree program to be completed.

  • Once you have submitted all requested materials, you can expect to receive your updated I-20 within 10 business days.


Concurrent Major or Program

Double Major

You may enroll in a concurrent major or concurrent program while studying at ASU. We recommend that you complete both programs in the same amount of time. If you cannot complete both programs in the same amount of time, please consult with an ISSC Advisor for further information on the immigration implications.

Only your primary major or program is stated on your I-20. Your secondary major will be listed on your MyASU. This primary major is important, as it will affect your future benefits such as Optional Practical Training (OPT).