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Sponsored students

Sponsored students

If you are a sponsored student and have questions, you can email us at or make an appointment with our Sponsored Team.


Sponsored Students at ASU


The International Students and Scholars Center is pleased to serve as your primary resource regarding sponsor-related questions and processes while attending Arizona State University. We staff a team dedicated to supporting the sponsored student population and who are specially trained to assist in matters related to the sponsored student experience at ASU.

Who is considered a sponsored student?

A sponsored student is a student who meets the following two requirements:

  • The student receives funding to attend ASU from a third party organization (the sponsor). Sponsors are typically government organizations or private companies.
  • The student's sponsor will be billed directly for the student's tuition and fees by ASU.

A student is not classified as a sponsored student when the student receives scholarship funds directly and remains responsible to pay ASU for tuition and fees through their student account. Students who are sponsored by a family member for their studies are also not considered sponsored students.

Some of the companies and government agencies that sponsor ASU students include:

  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority 
  • Kuwait Cultural Office
  • Oman Cultural Division
  • Qatar Defense Attaché
  • Qatar Higher Education Institute
  • Qatar Petroleum
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission 
  • UAE Cultural Division
  • UAE – Military Attaché
  • UAE Scholarship Coordination Office

Sponsorship Compliance

Each sponsor has their own rules and policies that students must adhere to in order to maintain their sponsorship. It is the student's responsibility to be knowledgeable and follow the rules and policies set by the sponsor. In addition, international students are expected to follow U.S. Immigration Regulations.