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F-1/J-1 students

F-1 students, J-1 students, J-1 scholars and their dependents are required to have valid travel signatures on their I-20 or DS-2019 form when returning to the U.S. to continue their study or employment.

J-1 scholars and J-1 students whose DS-2019 form is not issued by ASU must contact their J-1 Exchange Visitor sponsor in regards to their travel signature.

Travel Signature Validity



Length of Travel Signature Validity

F-1 currently enrolled student and their F-2 dependent(s)

Page 2 of I-20

Valid for 12 months from date signed or until the I-20 expiration date, whichever comes first

F-1 student on Post-completion OPT or STEM OPT and their F-2 dependent(s)

Page 2 of I-20

Valid for 6 months from date signed or the EAD card expiration date, whichever comes first

J-1 scholar, J-1 student, and their J-2 dependent(s)

Page 1 of DS-2019

Valid for 12 months from date signed or until the DS-2019 expiration date, whichever comes first

How to Request a Travel Signature

Travel signature requests can only be submitted 90 days or less before your planned travel dates.  Please do not submit a travel signature request more than 90 days in advance.  If your return date to the U.S. is more than 90 days from today's date, your travel signature request will be denied. Please remember that you do not need to have a valid travel signature to depart the U.S. As I-20s are being sent electronically, you can submit this eForm while you are abroad.

Visa Type

Travel Signature Request Method

F-1 student (I-20)

Submit the Travel Signature Request for I-20 Document eForm through the ISSC eForm Portal via the F-1 Student Services tab.

J-1 degree-seeking student or exchange student through the ASU Student Abroad Office (ASU issued your DS-2019)

Submit the Travel Signature Request eForm through the ISSC eForm Portal via the J-1 Student Services tab.

J-1 student (ASU did not issue your DS-2019)

Contact your J-1 Program Sponsor to request a travel signature.

J-1 scholar (ASU issued your DS-2019)

Email at least two weeks prior to your travel to receive a travel signature from an international scholar advisor.  For more information on Scholars traveling outside of the U.S.

As you may know, currently the Center for Disease Control recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to certain countries.  For more information, please see their website

Please make sure to follow-up with your professors and classmates to make sure that the travel dates will not affect your academic success.