Sprintax Forms

OPT/CPT pre-employment tax forms software from Sprintax – Introducing “Sprintax Forms”

If you are about to begin off-campus employment through CPT/OPT employment, your employer will likely need you to fill out pre-employment tax documents such as a W-4 and other tax related forms.

These tax forms can be difficult to understand and fill out but are important to make sure your pay is taxed correctly. Sprintax has released a new service that can generate your pre-employment tax documents and more ahead of your new job.  Students are not required to use this optional service when completing their pre-employment tax documents.  

Overview of Sprintax Forms

Sprintax Forms is a software that can prepare your OPT/CPT tax documents for you. Sprintax Forms can determine your residency for tax purposes, FICA exemption, and tax treaty eligibility as well as generate the pre-employment tax forms that you need, such as the W-4, 8233, W8-BEN and more. Once your forms have been generated, all you need to do is sign your tax documents and provide them to your employer.

Who can use Sprintax Forms?

Any nonresident who is starting OPT/CPT can use Sprintax Forms to prepare their pre-employment tax forms, which they can provide to their employer to their employer to be taxed correctly on their wages from the employer.

What are the steps to get started?

  • Register an account.
  • Complete the online questionnaire.
  • Complete the payment page.

Sprintax Forms will then prepare your tax documents to sign and provide to your employer.

Sprintax Forms user guide

If you need assistance on the Sprintax Forms process, you can access the OPT/CPT User Guide, which will provide you with information on the pre-employment tax forms for OPT/CPT as well as a walkthrough of the Sprintax Forms process. You can also watch a webinar recording overview to learn more about taxes while on OPT/CPT.

Is there a cost involved?

There is a charge of $19.95 USD to generate your tax forms.

Additionally, there is a free tax residency determination and FICA exemption calculation before any charges.

Sprintax Workshops

The Sprintax team will host tax webinars to provide a short overview of the general tax principles for ASU nonresidents ahead of their OPT/CPT work authorization.

During these webinar, the Sprintax team will run through the core tax principles you need to be aware of as you begin your OPT/CPT employment, including tax residency, FICA exemption and tax treaty eligibility, as well as the important tax forms you will need to complete as you begin your employment. The team will also give an overview of how you can use the Sprintax Forms software to help understand your tax position and to generate these forms for you before you start your employment.