Full-time enrollment requirements

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Full-time enrollment for fall and spring semester is determined as:

All students are expected to maintain the minimum credits required in order to maintain their immigration status.  ASU Sync, Hybrid and ASU Immersion courses will be considered in-person courses. iCourses will still be considered online courses.  Full-time enrollment for fall and spring semester is determined as:

Academic level Minimum credits required Minimum in-person credits*
Undergraduate student 12 credit hours 9 credit hours
Graduate student 9 credit hours 6 credit hours
Graduate student with an assistantship (TA, RA or GSA) 6 credit hours 3 credit hours

*An ASU Sync courses are considered in-person for immigration compliance.  ASU Sync is synchronous, technology-enhanced and fully interactive remote learning using live lectures via Zoom. This approach can be used simultaneously with in-person instruction to accommodate students in different circumstances and enable social distancing in classrooms or as stand-alone technology. It offers the benefits of face-to-face instruction in an interactive group learning environment.

** If you cannot physically be on campus due personal health concerns, you will be able to attend your classes remotely during the fall 2021 semester. If you will not be on-campus for the fall 2021 semester, you are expected to contact your professors to make accommodations.  Due to the nature of ASU’s fall 2021 semester learning modalities, students are recommended to reside in the Phoenix area in order to maintain a physical presence. As a reminder, USCIS regulations state that F-1 and J-1 students must update their local U.S. or SEVIS address within 10 days of moving. If you need to update your addresses, please do so on My ASU.

Enrolling in an ASU Sync course or an iCourse may not be permitted or may be limited by some government-sponsored programs. If you are a government-sponsored student, make sure that have approval from your sponsor to take iCourses or ASU Sync classes before registering.

Acceptable enrollment session combinations

Each semester, ASU offers courses in:

  • Session A (first session)

  • Session B (second session)

  • Session C (full semester)

  • Dynamic date (DYN)

In-person credits are required throughout the entire semester.

How to maintain full-time enrollment

  • Enroll full-time by the first day of the semester.

    • If you will be taking session B courses as part of your full-time enrollment, you must register for the session B courses before the first day of the semester (not the first day of the session). 

  • Audited courses do not count toward full-time enrollment requirements.

  • If needed, swap courses instead of dropping and adding to avoid falling below full-time enrollment.

Summer full-time enrollment 

If you start your degree program at ASU in the summer semester or return to ASU on an initial or transfer-pending I-20 for the summer semester, you must meet full-time enrollment requirements by the start of the summer semester. 

You must be enrolled in credits throughout the entire summer semester.  You may enroll in Session A and Session B courses or Session C courses.

If you are a continuing student, these enrollment requirements for summer do not apply. 

Full-time enrollment for summer semester is determined as*:

Academic levelMinimum credits requiredMinimum in-person credits
Undergraduate student4 credit hours4 credit hours
Graduate student3 credit hours3 credit hours
Graduate student with an assistantship (TA or RA)2 credit hours2 credit hours