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Full-time enrollment requirements

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Full-time enrollment for fall and spring semester is determined as:

As of March 16, 2020 through May 11, 2020, all students are expected to maintain the minimum credits required in order to maintain their immigration status.  Due to the COVID-19 situation, the number of in-person credits does not apply.  However, please do not switch your enrollment at this time. 

Academic level Minimum credits required Minimum in-person credits*
Undergraduate student 12 credit hours 9 credit hours
Graduate student 9 credit hours 6 credit hours
Graduate student with an assistantship (TA or RA) 6 credit hours 3 credit hours

*A hybrid course has a combination of in-person and online components and is considered in-person for immigration compliance.

Enrolling in a hybrid course or an iCourse may not be permitted or may be limited by some government-sponsored programs. If you are a government-sponsored student, make sure that have approval from your sponsor to take online or hybrid classes before registering.

Acceptable enrollment session combinations

Each semester, ASU offers courses in:

  • Session A (first session)

  • Session B (second session)

  • Session C (full semester)

  • Dynamic date (DYN)

In-person credits are required throughout the entire semester.

How to maintain full-time enrollment

  • Enroll full-time by the first day of the semester.

    • If you will be taking session B courses as part of your full-time enrollment, you must register for the session B courses before the first day of the semester (not the first day of the session). 

  • Audited courses do not count toward full-time enrollment requirements.

  • If needed, swap courses instead of dropping and adding to avoid falling below full-time enrollment.

Summer full-time enrollment 

If you start your degree program at ASU in the summer semester or return to ASU on an initial or transfer-pending I-20 for the summer semester, you must meet full-time enrollment requirements by the start of the summer semester. 

Full-time enrollment for summer semester is determined as*:

Academic level Minimum credits required Minimum in-person credits
Undergraduate student 4 credit hours 4 credit hours
Graduate student 3 credit hours 3 credit hours
Graduate student with an assistantship (TA or RA) 2 credit hours 2 credit hours