Completing your degree program

Congrats on completing your degree at ASU. As you prepare for the end of your current degree program, please remember the following things: 


  • Apply for graduation.  See here for more information surrounding graduation ceremonies and the COVID-19 situation.
    • Your degree completion date is defined as:
      • Undergraduate Students - Commencement date or the last day of Session A classes if completing that session. For summer graduates, the program completion date is the ASU classes end date of the final session of enrollment.
      • Graduate Students - Completion dates are based on final academic requirements

Grace Period

During your grace period, you may:

  1. Travel around the U.S. as long as you depart the US prior to the end of your grace period.
  2. Apply for off-campus work authorization. 
    1. If you are a F-1 student, please see information relating to Post-Completion OPT.  You must apply for Post-OPT before the end of your grace period
    2. If you are a J-1 student, please see information relating to Academic Training.  You must apply for Academic Training and start your job before the end of your grace period. 
  3. Transfer your SEVIS record to another institution.
  4. Change your visa status to another status that is available to you. Please see information relating to changing your status
  5. Pursue another degree program at ASU. 

Earn Another Degree