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Additional Coursework Outside of ASU

With several community colleges and other universities in the Phoenix-metro area, you may find that you want to take a class at one of these schools in addition to your full-time enrollment at ASU. In order to do so, you will need authorization. 

Before making your request, be sure that you are enrolled full-time at ASU. If you are requesting authorization for the summer semester or winter break, you must be enrolled full-time for the semester immediately following the semester/break.

Requesting Authorization of Additional Coursework Outside ASU


Submit the Authorization for Additional Coursework Outside of ASU eForm via the ISSC eForm Portal.

  • Make sure you are eligible to enroll in courses at another institution.

  • If you are a graduate student, indicate the purpose of your course enrollment at another institution.

  • If you are a sponsored student, you must submit your proof of sponsor approval in the eForm.


The ISSC processing time is up to 7 business days after we have received your complete eForm request.

This does not include weekends or ASU observed holidays. During peak seasons, processing times may be more than 7 business days as we deal with a higher volume of requests.

If further information or documentation is needed, we will contact you via email or phone. You will receive an email when your authorization has been approved.  The institution you wish to take classes at will also receive an authorization approval email. 


To avoid delays, make sure that:


Your My ASU profile is current and up to date

  1. Local (U.S.) address

  2. SEVIS address

  3. Phone number

Ensure you are full-time enrolled for the semester you are requesting an ACOA


If you are a new or transfer student to ASU, you must complete the mandatory SEVIS New Student Check-in eForm before submitting your Authorization for Additional Coursework Outside of ASU eForm via the ISSC eForm Portal.

Work with ASU's University Registrar Services to transfer credit hours to your ASU degree program, if applicable.

Frequently asked questions about additional coursework outside ASU

Yes. You will need approval from the ISSC for any class you wish to take outside ASU. You can submit all the requested classes for the semester in one eForm or submit multiple eForms. Please note you will be unable to enroll in any classes that you have not received prior authorization from the ISSC.

It is always a good idea to speak to your academic advisor before enrolling in any classes outside ASU. This will ensure that your academic advisor is aware of your increased course load and can ensure that you are successful in your studies.

While active on OPT, students are not permitted to enroll in a full-time degree-seeking program. Enrollment at any institution is only permitted on a part-time non-degree seeking basis. Failure to adhere to these limitations could jeopardize your immigration status.

No. You will need a new authorization each class and semester. For example, if you have been authorized to take a class in the fall semester, but want to take a class in the spring semester as well, you will need to submit another request.

Yes. You may only enroll part time at another school while also maintaining your full-time enrollment at ASU. 

You may enroll in more than one school in the same semester; however, the total number of credit hours cannot exceed part-time enrollment combined across all of the classes you are taking outside ASU. You will need to submit a separate request for each school you will be attending.

You may be able to take a course outside ASU, however, a course from another school cannot be taken in place of an ASU class that is required for your graduate program. You are welcome to enroll in an elective class taken for personal enrichment. 

Maricopa Community Colleges require authorization from Arizona State University to take courses during the summer semester. However, if the school you wish to attend is not a Maricopa Community College you should contact the institution as they may not require authorization for the summer semester. 

During the winter break or summer semester you may choose to take a class from a school outside the Phoenix-metro area. However, during the fall and spring semesters you must maintain physical presence by taking classes in-person at ASU.