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Financial Guarantee

A financial guarantee serves as a contract between the student, the sponsor and ASU. It allows ASU to bill the sponsor for the tuition and fees agreed upon in the document. The document itself includes the student’s approved major and length of scholarship.

When you receive a financial guarantee from your sponsor, whether for the first time or a new/updated version, follow this process:

1. Submit your financial guarantee to ISSC. Upload a PDF version using the Financial Guarantee eForm:

2.   Submit your financial guarantee to Student Business Services. Email a PDF version of your financial guarantee to by the tuition payment deadline.

The validity of your new financial guarantee will be reviewed by the ISSC and Student Business Services. If there are issues with your financial guarantee, you will be contacted by email. If your financial guarantee is accepted, your tuition and fees will be billed to your sponsor. Check the Finance tab in your My ASU profile to see your student account information.


  • Your financial guarantee must be valid at all times. It is your responsibility to contact your sponsor for a new financial guarantee and submit a copy to Student Business Services and the ISSC.

  • Due to system limitations, you will not be formally notified when your financial guarantee expires so be aware of when your term is ending.

  • You must monitor your financial account regularly. Your sponsor will be billed for tuition and related fees, however the account is in your name. Any charges that are not paid by your sponsor are your responsibility.

  • If your account becomes delinquent, ASU has the right to place a hold on your account that will prevent registration, access to grades, transcripts, and your diploma. You may also receive late fees.

  • Any changes to the financial guarantee must be submitted to Student Business Services and the ISSC.


What are some of the typical ASU costs covered by sponsors?

  • Tuition

  • Mandatory fees, including:

    • Student Health Insurance (unless provided by sponsor)

    • Technology Fee

    • Student Service Facility Fee

    • Student Programs Fee

    • Health & Wellness Fee

    • Recreation Fee

What are some of the ASU costs not typically covered by sponsors?

  • Parking permit fees

  • ASU Payment Plan and Student Account late fees

  • Library late fees

  • Insurance co-pays and Student Health Services usage fees

Learn about third party sponsorships. If you have questions, please email us at