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F-1 Student OPT Timeline Calculator


Have you participated in Pre-OPT previously?

Yes   No

Have you participated in Pre-OPT previously?


When will you finish your degree?

To determine your completion date, please choose from the circumstances that most closely fit your final academic requirement and then enter your end date below.

If your completion date is after the graduate college graduation deadline, please do not use this form and contact

Program End Date

Your program end date is the last day of the quarter in which you file your thesis/dissertation.
If you wish to apply earlier, consult with the International Students and Scholars Office.
If on a TA or RA contract in your final semester, you must use your contract end date in order to be paid.
Your completion date is the commencement date of the final semester or last date of session A (if only enrolled in session A).

Grace Period

OPT Dates

For full time Pre-OPT: enter the dates that appear on your EAD card
For part time Pre-OPT: enter the dates that appear on your EAD card

Employment Authorization

You must select a start date within your 60 day grace period. This will be the recommended start date on your EAD card.

The dates recommended on this calculator are intended to help determine an OPT start date. However, there are some situations that may not be available on this calculator. If you still have questions regarding your OPT start dates or traveling while on OPT, please go to or call the ISSC to make an appointment to see an advisor.