Academic Advisor Letter

The letter from your Academic Advisor must state the academic justification(s) of why you need more time to complete your degree or pursue research/study abroad. The letter must include, but is not limited to:

Undergraduate Students

  • additional courses that need to be completed
  • your new anticipated degree completion date (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • In most cases, your program completion date is the degree conferral date.
      • If you finish your degree after session A, then your program completion date is the last day of session A classes. 

Graduate students

  • the topic of your research
  • progress made since your last reported completion date
  • reason(s) for delay
  • additional course(s) that need to be completed (if any)
  • remaining required tasks, such as research, data collection, data analysis, recital, dissertation writing, etc.
  • new anticipated degree completion date (MM/DD/YYYY) as defined by the Graduation Completion Dates Based on Final Academic Requirements

Important Reminders

  • The letter must be written on department letterhead with your advisor's or chair's signature.  Digital signatures are allowed. 

  • The letter must be dated within the 60-day time frame before your I-20 expiration date

  • ISSC will review the recommendation letter for the required information and request additional information if needed

  • Please review the letter templates for more guidance below: