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Academic Advisor Letter

The letter from your Academic Advisor must state the academic justification(s) of why you need more time to complete your degree.  The letter must include, but is not limited to:

 Undergraduate Students
  • additional courses that need to be completed
  • your new anticipated degree completion date (MM/DD/YYYY)
    Completion date used for undergraduate students is the last day of class and, in most cases, graduation date.
Graduate Students
  • topic of your research
  • progress made since your last reported completion date
  • reason(s) for delay
  • additional course(s) that need to be completed (if any)
  • remaining required tasks, such as research, data collection, data analysis, recital, dissertation writing, etc.
  • new anticipated degree completion date (MM/DD/YYYY) as defined on the Graduation Completion Dates Based on Final Academic Requirements web page
Important Reminders
  • students must choose the closest approximate completion date based on a realistic time frame
  • letter must be written on department letterhead with the advisor's signature
  • letter must be dated within the 60 day time frame before the expiration of student's current I-20
  • ISSC will review the letter for the required information indicated above and request additional information if needed